Joint Services with International Partners


PMG has developed strategic partnerships with international experts in the USA and Europe in key areas.

Through these partnerships we offer our clients additional unique services including:


In the ever-expanding global marketplace, the essential factor for companies to successfully compete and to excel is to invest in their greatest resource- namely the human resources. Recognizing this key success factor, PMG has a flagship training division within the company, acting as a gateway to the unlimited potentials and opportunities of people/project development.

PMG offers these special services through its international partners of experts possessing a wide range of skills and backgrounds. Each consultant (coach/trainer) has experience in global organizations in various business sectors and works successfully across cultural boundaries. Through these experts we offer the following services:

- Workshops and Seminars
- Executive (One-on-One) Coaching
- Long-term Training Programs
- Sales Trainings
- Project Management Consultancy


With the rapidly changing environment of global financial services market, it is indispensible for companies to have financial communication and investor relations consultants. PMG has a strong network of financial advisors in USA and Europe with in-depth understanding and extensive experience in this field. Working closely with our advisors, we advise our clients on how to communicate any business transactions whether it is merger and acquisition, company restructuring, IPOs or even in the case of bankruptcies. Being up-to-date with all the happenings in the global and local financial market we enable our clients to immediately respond to any challenges they may face, hence making sure that they deliver their desired messages to the investment community at all levels.

In a rapidly changing environment such as the Middle East's, risks prevail, and in order for any business/foreign investment to expand or start in this region, a thorough political and economic risk analysis should be made. Partnering with top experts in the political risk analysis field in the USA and Europe, PMG offers comprehensive reports assessing the political, security and economic risks associated with certain businesses/industries. These reports include our recommendations on how to best manage the impacts of any instabilities or risks on the clients' activities. Undoubtedly, these reports are indispensible for decision makers as they provide them with a better insight for the region.