Integrated Marketing Solutions

You have the product … we have the in-depth market knowledge and a professional team of creative thinkers

Thorough understanding of your activities. Brand audit. Market knowledge. Creative strategies. Full implementation of campaigns. Ongoing growth strategies

PMG applies analysis tools, consulting methods and benchmarking databases to aid our clients in developing and implementing effective communication strategies, involving:


Based on thorough understanding of our clients' business needs, we utilize strategic communication to integrate our clients' diverse messages to create and deliver communication that, while different in style and purpose, have an inner coherence, hence ensuring that communication programs meet the objectives of the company. More importantly, PMG's innovative marketing strategies make it possible to target new markets, customers and new or alternative sales and marketing potentials.

With enterprises constantly seeking growth and expansion, entering new markets is an inevitable step for them. However, such process can be quite a challenge as each country is unique in its economic and political conditions, demographic and consumer behavior, business environment, culture and traditions, and business regulatory factors. Operating in Egypt for more than a decade, PMG has the in-depth local knowledge and networking that will enable any company to enter the Middle East markets and accelerate the path to profitability and revenue growth. Our services start with a customized market research, including research design, surveys, focus groups, in depth one-to-one interviews and data processing and analysis. We will be responsible for carrying out the field work and managing the detailed analysis and interpretation of the market research findings. Based on the research outcomes, we develop a comprehensive business plan including situation and market analysis, company's objectives, suggested modus operandi, product portfolio and pricing, sales forecasts, organization chart, marketing plan, financial plan and legal considerations. Moreover, PMG role will not stop at this stage it can offer its clients the entire process range of services including the supervision of project set up and initiation to the full implementation.

A brand is not just a logo; it resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which can be influenced, and some that cannot. PMG works with clients to incorporate the very essence of their company within their branding - including the key values and ethos our clients wish to project. Once these are researched and identified, they create the foundations upon which we work with our clients on their corporate identity. From graphics and design, to implementation on literature, presentations, conference materials, websites, CRM projects, animations, and in all campaign work (advertising, public relations, direct and indirect marketing), we employ the appropriate tools to reach optimum levels of brand management.

We realize how effective positioning puts the client first in line in the minds of potential customers. Implementing the appropriate marketing strategies, we effortlessly work hand-in-hand with our clients to reach the perceptual goal and message they want to deliver to their customers. Therefore, positioning their organization in the target market through a number of marketing tools built on thorough market analysis and research.

Catering to the diversified needs and objectives of clients ranging from building product awareness to creating interest to stimulating demand and reinforcing the brand, we provide innovative tailor-made advertising campaigns to our clients. Our team will work closely with the client to identify the advertising objective, upon which the effective message is created. Working within the set budget, we will select the optimum mix of media channels to convey the message. Our creative team will come up with novel and unconventional advertisements perfectly capturing the essence of the client's brand. PMG will be responsible for the whole process starting with the development of the campaign and overseeing its implementation to evaluating its results.