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How a company presents itself reflects directly on the reputation of the company and its brand – and ultimately on how it is perceived by the public. At PMG, we offer comprehensive PR and Corporate Communication services including:


Brand management is more complicated than most people may think, it is an ongoing process for developing a company's reputation and consumers confidence, and maintaining them along the way. Here at PMG, our role is to create innovative and effective brand management strategies for our clients, delivering the desired public perception. Our team uses their extensive experience in different media channels, social media, special events, road shows and sponsorships in differentiating our clients and enabling them to constantly and proactively engage with their customers leaving them with favorable impressions at all times.

Sound and consistent communication is the main vehicle that allows a company to define its vision and direction. With our offices in the US, Germany, China and Egypt, we gained solid global and local insights that enable us to provide our clients with tailor-made effective corporate communication strategies. We help our clients in developing strong, positive and continuous relationships internally - with their employees and stakeholders - and externally - with their customers and the general public. Through our successful communication strategies, we create a strong corporate culture for our clients, coherent identity and an enhanced reputation resulting in valuable business impact.

Here at PMG, we have best-in-class public affairs professionals with in-depth knowledge of the political landscape globally and locally, local community and governments, and business arena. We have the insights to help our clients in directing and shaping public opinion and in building relationships with policy makers and key audiences to reach their desired business and political goals. We do this be developing comprehensive communication campaigns incorporating different tactics from the intensive usage of media, online and social media and grassroots support. We always make sure that our campaigns build a better understanding and reputation of our clients' businesses amongst relevant policy-making audiences.

Any operating company may, at any point, face critical business issues whether internally or externally. In order to avoid the occurrence of any crisis in the first place, our team constantly anticipates, analyzes issues - related to our clients - and manages them properly before escalating. In the case of crisis occurrence, PMG responds swiftly identifying influences (sources of pressure driving the issue), identifying allies and foes, defining target audiences and key messages, and then establishing effective communication strategies and implement them. We also manage media properly, and provide our clients with crisis media training, identify spokespersons and prepare holding statements for them. Once the crisis is over, we work with our clients to eliminate any negative perceptions related to their business and regaining their reputations.

Existing in the market for over a decade, our PR team was able to establish strong relationships with key media figures in various fields. Working closely with the media, we become aware of their areas of interest and stories of interest to their audiences. We constantly connect with the media, feeding them with our clients' interesting news and happenings, through which we raise our clients' awareness and enhance their image. Being able to deliver our clients' messages to the right media, we ensure our clients tangible business impact.

Speaking in public or to the media or giving a significant presentation to a group of investors is not easy as it might seem. Not knowing exactly what to say, when and how to say it, may cause a problem to a company at any level. We, at PMG, provide bespoke trainings for our clients' CEOs and key spokespersons to be able to deliver the company's messages in a clear and confident way. We help them enhance their communication skills and provide them with essential training and tips on how to handle media interviews and public speeches. Our training programs truly result in experienced and effective spokespersons who in turn can maintain a positive reputation for their companies at all times.

Whether it is a launch event, customers' day event, annual meeting or a road show, PMG works with the clients from the very beginning; identifying their needs and developing the event concept that captures the spirit of the brand, all the way to the full production and management of a successful event that is second-to-none. We partner with the best event organizers in the region in order to deliver first-class events. We work closely with our chosen event organizer, overseeing the production of the setup, menus, entertainment and budgets according to a detailed action plan and time schedule. Through our expertise in event management we ensure our clients unforgettable events that create a buzz in the market for a long time.

Our international diversified network of experts enables us to organize first-class conferences related to nearly any field or industry. Our scope of work includes suggesting and bringing in international field-related speakers, conference budgeting, venue and conference management, in addition to conference marketing and branding. We also create the needed collateral material for the conference and develop sponsorship schemes. Through our concern with the minutest details, we ensure our clients successful conferences with achievable targeted results.

In order to develop a successful communication plan, and then evaluate its efficiency, it must be based on an integrated market research. PMG offers bespoke marketing research services, including research design, surveys, focus groups, in depth one-on-one interviews, in addition to data processing and analysis. Through the aforementioned tools, we are able to provide our clients with a detailed analysis/evaluation of their business activities, profiles of their audience, deep understanding of their market/industry and thorough analysis of their competition. Our research services also entail media monitoring, through which we evaluate our clients' presence in the media compared to their competition. Needless to mention that our team is responsible for carrying out the field work and managing the detailed analysis and interpretation of the research findings.